ABNB Federal Credit Union

Coaching Location:
4524 Wishart Road
Virginia Beach, VA 23455

Financial Counseling Dept. Phone: 757-523-5380

Coach(es):        Joselyn Hansbarger: jhansbarger@abnb.org
Kevin Arrington: karrington@abnb.org

ABNB Federal Credit Union is a non-profit, member owned, full-service financial institution whose main concern is helping our members reach their financial decisions.

Products and Services:
·    Checking account: Available

·     Minimum opening deposit for checking account: No minimum deposit is required.

·     Monthly minimum balance required: No minimum balance is required.

·     Does the account have monthly fees associated with it? Possibly.  

·     If yes, how much?  Depending on the product that is chosen fees range from zero to low monthly fees.

·     Is a debit card available with the account? Yes.

·     Does the partner provide unlimited access to tellers for assistance with their              
                accounts? Yes.

·    Is a savings account offered? Yes

·    If yes what is the name of the product. The savings accounts are called “share” accounts. ABNB offers share, anytime, Money Market, and holiday accounts to its members. 

·     Minimum opening deposit for savings account: A “main share savings“ account can be established for $1.00.

·     Is a “second chance “account available? The Financial Counseling Dept. at ABNB FCU will work with members who need checking account issues resolved. A savings account is available.  

·    Is a prepaid card product available? ABNB offers a prepaid card and a Visa gift card. Some fees are applicable. 

·    Does this partner offer a way for clients to minimize/prevent NSF /overdraft fees? An ABNB member has options to minimize fees. An account can be set-up with overdraft alerts in the form of a text message and email. Our credit union will pull from a savings account funds to cover the overage at no charge up to six times a month.    

·    Does this partner offer online banking/bill pay services? Yes 

·    What fees are associated this service, if any: Fees applicable varies depending on product options. The service is free if the member has eServices, direct deposit, and a checking account. 

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